Genaio will treat your feet with high-end leather luxury…

Genaio luxury is craftsmanship… with a story. We believe that your story of taste in fashion is unique and we try to achieve that your selection in accessories should express that story in our craftsmanship. This choice defines you and complements your identity. Genaio’s leather luxury strikes the balance between high-end quality and fashionable. We select colors on the finest leathers also with special textures and vegetable tanned leather lining. Our leather labs are not only specialized in vegetable tanning but also specialized in creating the best patterns. They are supplier for well known brandnames in the high-end fashion industry. With these partners we are able to offer the best original cow, calf, goat and sheep leather. Even genuine Python or Python leather for the very exclusive lovers is possible. Variety of high quality finishing like fur and sheep wool is even a possibility. Let it be noticed that our leather labs also offers a wide range of textures like metallic, fantasy, crock, alligator, ray, iguana, python and many more to create variety in your style or design. We are proud to announce that Genaio is worldwide noted for the luxury handmade footwear, also known as the “footwear luxury brand”. Some of our famous clients are Natalie La Rose, Chris Brown, Zoa Morani, Dj Chuckie, F1rstman, Shaylen Caroll and much more. These clients have one or more custom made luxury boots.

The handmade footwear is made in an atelier based in Portugal and is well known in the fashion industry for more then 75 years. This atelier is a partner in production for a lot of international high-end brands. The goal was to create high-end luxury from the outside as well as the inside in a model that is challenged but also a signature design in recognition. Our mission was to offer the custom made program for those who wants to be more exclusive. We have managed to offer signature footwear with unique leather options to create something special for your own with your name or design incripted in the leather and on the outsole. Experience high-end luxury and comfort in our footwear with a limited edition collection per design per country. It’s possible that a special design is only available in Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo, Londen, LA, Miami, Brooklyn or New York. Join us on social media and read all the story’s of some of our clients.

We do not have a warehouse lined with aisles of pre-made leather goods. Our collection is always limited. In every design we offer a specific amount that we produce exclusively. If you choose to order a custom-made item we can guide your personal design in to a very special item.


Our personal tailor will help you create your own design. To personalise it you can select your personal choice of:
- leather
- eyelets
- laces
- insole material
- outsole

After your selection the personal tailor will take your size measurements.

Fabrics and Details

Select your fabric and lining for your luxury footwear. Personalize your footwear with the finishing options which includes:
- lining in the shoe
- studs
- color of eyelets
- topping laces
- threadcolor
- monogram

The tailor will register all your personal wishes for your luxury footwear and start the production.


Genaio's head-office will contact you after approximately 6 weeks when your footwear is ready for delivery. We offer you to decide the delivery time and place.

For more information the client can always contact the personal tailor or our head-office